Nature - the source of inspiration

Horns  - new and unique, each year. (Sarvet is the Finnish word for horns)

The reindeer horns are like an example of the creative power of the nature. Bringing to my mind the favourate song  "..and I think to myself, what a wonderfull world... " 


SARVET design is inspired by the northern nature.


Our aim is to create both beautiful and practical products that bring joy to your everyday life, for home and accessories. We care for environment and ethics and therefore we favour local production, good quality materials and classic design. 


The Sarvet-pattern for us was designed by Marjo Viinamäki and our fabric is woven in Finland.  The Sarvet pattern is a registered trade mark. Because of production in small series involving a lot of handwork each product has its own special handmade feeling - an artisan touch. The Sarvet-design products are made in Finland.


Any questions/comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.  It is easy via this link:




Sarvet (=horns)  symbolizes the mystique strength and persistence of a reindeer. The warmhearted mystique of Lapland.

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